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Map of the Hallig

If you make your way around the entire Hallig (5,6 sq km) on the summer dyke you will have walked nearly 12 km. You will have see ten strange dwelling mounds, "the Warfts". These dwelling mounds were heaped up mechanically and our houses were built on top of them. Thus, we are protected when the North Sea is "making it´s present" of a "Landunter" (land under water) at times of storm tide.


On these dwelling mounds our church, museums, the school, the Wattenmeerhaus (a museum about the Wadden Sea), inns, restaurants and various stores are located.


Our calendar of events "De Hooger Buddelbreef", is issued weekly and will become  a "must read". You will find all the information about excursions, guided tours, mudflat hiking tours, slide show lectures or theatre performances. Of course, you are also invited to follow your own interests. Suggestions and offers are listed under "Activ on Hooge".



Karte der Hallig Hooge

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